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AWIT at PAPURI is made possible through the help of a small team of volunteers, sponsors and donors. Since 2010, we have provided quality Catholic new media resources and we will really appreciate any help we can get in order to sustain this online ministry.

You can help AWIT at PAPURI Ministry through any of the following ways:

Spread the word about AWIT at PAPURI

Help spread the word about AWIT at PAPURI website and podcast by putting a link to on your social media pages, blogs, websites and other means of online communication.

You can also recommend the AWIT at PAPURI website and podcast to your family, friends, relatives and even parishes. Parishes can also help in spreading the word about AWIT at PAPURI by mentioning us in your parish newsletter or news bulletin.

AWIT at PAPURI Ministry is a small and independent Catholic new media organization. All our productions are offered to the public free of charge. However, the production of this website along with our daily podcast and video resources requires significant financial investment. We need your monetary donations to sustain our operations and production.

We accept donations using GCash. Use the “Pay QR” function on your GCash Mobile App and scan the QR code below. Input the amount you wish to donate, select “Next,” and click “Pay.”

If you are using your mobile phone to access this page, you may save the QR code image above to your phone’s photo or media library.

To donate, open your GCash app. Select “Pay QR” then choose “Scan QR Code.”

On the lower portion of your phone’s screen, select “Upload QR Code from Photos” then select from your photo or media library the Awit at Papuri QR code image you have saved earlier.

Input the amount you wish to donate, select “Next,” and click “Pay.”

Donations to help keep this ministry alive can also be made through Paypal. Major credit cards are also accepted.

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Thank you very much. May God continue to bless you.