FAQs about Podcasts

What is a podcast?

Entreprenuer.com provides a pretty straightforward definition of the term “podcast.” It says: “A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program that’s posted to a website and is made available for download so people can listen to them on personal computers or mobile devices.”

Podcast is a combination of the words, iPod, the popular portable media player and broadcast. Podcast episodes can also be automatically downloaded to your computers by subscribing via podcatchers or RSS Readers such as iTunes.

Still confused? Check out this YouTube video that explains what’s a podcast in plain English.

How do I listen to AWIT at PAPURI?

Via the dark green flash player – Listening to AWIT at PAPURI is very easy. Every episode has a standalone dark green flash mp3 player. All you have to do is to click the play button and the specific episode you chose shall start playing.

Via manual download – Alternatively, you can also download to your computer a copy of a certain episode you want to listen to in the future. You just have to click the “DOWNLOAD” link at the bottom of the dark green flash mp3 player and the download should start right away.

Subscribe via iTunes AWIT AT PAPURI is available at the iTunes Music Store. You can subscribe to AWIT AT PAPURI Podcast by clicking the iTunes Music store link found on the sidebar (right). By subscribing to our shows via iTunes, new and future episodes of our podcast will automatically be  downloaded into your computer.

Via RSS Feeds AWIT AT PAPURI has a unique RSS feed. You can use our RSS feed to subscribe to our shows using the RSS reader or podcatcher of your choice. Links to our show’s RSS feeds are also found on the sidebar.

Is it free to listen to AWIT AT PAPURI?

Yes! Downloading / listening to our shows would always be free. But, we encourage our listeners to support our sponsors for they help pay the monthly server fees. Donations are always welcome to help us continue what we’re doing and pay for the bills associated with the production of the website and the podcast.

How do I send my comments and suggestions?

You can find ways on how to send in your comments and suggestions to Brink Notes Podcast Network by clicking the “Contact” link on the top menu. We prefer that you send us audio comments so we can play them on our shows.

FAQs about Awit at Papuri

What does Awit at Papuri mean?

AWIT at PAPURI means Psalms and Praises when translated in the English language.

What reference/s do you consult for the production of the Awit at Papuri website and podcast?

For the liturgical celebrations and mass readings, we consult the ORDO 2010 published by the Ministry for Liturgical Affairs of Archdiocese of Manila. ORDO 2010 contains a listing of the feast to be celebrated with its liturgical rank and color for each day together with the liturgical rubrics to be observed in the recitation of the Divine Office and the celebration of the Eucharist.

For the Mass Readings in Filipino, we use the Pagpapahayag ng Salita ng Diyos (Ikalawang Huwarang Sipi) or also known as Salita ng Diyos also published by the Ministry for Liturgical Affairs of the Archdiocese of Manila.

ORDO 2010 and Salita ng Diyos are available in leading Catholic supply stores in the country including but not limited to:

CATHOLIC BOOK CENTER (including other branches)
121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila,
Telephone nos. (02)527-7631-36 loc. 228 / (02)527-3848

CATHOLIC TRADE MANILA (including other branches)
1916 Oroquieta St., Sta. Cruz, Manila
Telephone nos. (02)741-4868 or (02)711-3630;

DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL (including other branches)
2655 F.B. Harrison St., 1300 Pasay City
Telephone no. (02)833-0087

LITURGICAL APOSTOLATE CENTER (PDDM) (including other branches)
1545 F. Agoncillo St., Ermita, Manila
Telephone no. (02)536-0691

ST. PAULS (including other branches)
7708 St. Paul Road, San Antonio Village, Makati City
Telephone nos. (02)895-9701-04 loc. 374 / (02)897-5960

Who’s behind Awit at Papuri website and podcast?

Awit at Papuri is a production of the Brink Notes Podcast Network headed by Filipino podcaster and blogger Jeric Peña.