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Help Awit at Papuri

by Jeric

AWIT at PAPURI is made possible through the help of volunteers, sponsors and donors. This ministry is only in its infancy stage and we will really appreciate any help we can get for this online project to grow.

You can help AWIT at PAPURI Ministry through any of the following ways:

Spread the word about AWIT at PAPURI

Help spread the word about AWIT at PAPURI website and podcast by putting a link to http://www.awitatpapuri.com on your social networking profiles, blogs, websites and other means of online communication.

You can also recommend the AWIT at PAPURI website and podcast to your family, friends, relatives and even parishes.

Parishes can also help in spreading the word about AWIT at PAPURI by mentioning us in your parish newsletter or news bulletin.

Volunteer as a Lector / a Cantor

If you can produce high quality recordings (or at least good quality recordings) of the mass readings in Filipino, you can also help by becoming an AWIT at PAPURI lector or cantor.

AWIT at PAPURI assigns at least a week’s worth of mass readings for each volunteer. We will be providing volunteer lectors/cantors with a copy of the mass readings. Volunteers will be asked to record the readings on their own (using their own equipment) and electronic files (mp3 / wav) will be sent to AWIT at PAPURI for post-production and distribution.

For more information, please contact AWIT at PAPURI.

iTunes Review

The AWIT at PAPURI podcast is listed at the iTunes Store. If you have an iTunes Store account (any country), leaving AWIT at PAPURI podcast a five-star rating and a review will definitely help the AWIT at PAPURI podcast get noticed by other people.

Awit at Papuri at the iTunes Store


Financial donation to the AWIT at PAPURI Ministry is also welcome. The production of this website and podcast is very costly not to mention the effort involved to this website and podcast up and running. Donations to help keep this ministry alive can be made through Paypal. Major credit cards are also accepted.